Cazenovia College Student Art and Craft Show

The weather on Wednesday afternoon in Cazenovia was near blizzard conditions.  I seriously considered not doing the student craft show that night for fear I would be stranded in Cazenovia all night.  So I checked the weather, which said the snow should be dying down by the time the show was over, and decided to brave the storm.  I’m glad that I did too!  My glow in the dark lamp debut was a hit!  Everyone loved the lamps, including the photography majors who kept taking pictures of them.  I also got to meet a lot a very nice students and professors.  Even though the weather kept away a large crowd, the show was still a huge success!  I will be posting the lamps to my Silver Jay Designs Etsy store soon.  I hope you like them!

Lets get glowing!

Art Fire is for Art

Art Fire is another great site for artists and crafters.  When I first started selling items on Art Fire I listed all the same items that I was listing on Etsy, to try to reach a larger audience.  I recently decided to break them up though, using Etsy for crafts and Art Fire for my fine art.  My Art Fire shop is now stocked up pretty well so I thought I would start to share my collection.  It features pencil drawings, ink drawings, and hand illustrated and colored pictures.  Some of the items in my collection are directly from my sketchbook.  The hand illustrated and colored images were inspired by my love of coloring.  I was coloring all the time and I thought, I could just draw my own pictures to color, so I did!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Fiverr is Fun, Part 2

So I had so much much with Fiverr the first time that I decided to post another “gig”.   This time I’m offering to draw people’s initials in the shape of ballerinas.  This actually started as a project for school.  We had to draw the entire alphabet in any shape we wanted.  I had done dance in school so I thought it would be interesting to have ballerinas spelling out the alphabet.  Some of the letters work really well and look really beautiful really easily.

Other letters are a bit more of a challenge.   It sounds easy to just put the ballerina in the shape of the letter, but I try to keep them natural looking so they are pleasant to look at, which can be a challenge.

Here is the link to my Fiverr gig:

Fiverr is Fun

So I stumbled across this site Fiverr

On this site, people post things that they are willing to do for 5 bucks.  Some of the things on there are hilarious (like one person offering to spell anything out in spaghetti o’s) to impressive (people offering to knit a hat or write multiple articles).  I decided to join the fun by offering to send 5 of my colored coloring book pages for 5 bucks.  I know it’s not as exciting as spaghetti o’s but I do a lot of coloring.  I consider it stress release and practice to see how colors blend and play together.

So if you would like to purchase some of my coloring book pages, or check out Fiverr for yourself, here is the link

I do recommend at least browsing the site for a bit.  It can be entertaining.

Hello world!

This is it! My very own site dedicated to my love of arts and crafts!  I’ll keep everyone up to date on current projects and inspirations.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and be among the first to see new projects as they are revealed!